International Underwater Photographic Competition

The Blue Dolphin of Malta International Underwater Photographic Competition a highly prestigious event in the Maltese Islands. Competitors and their models, judges and journalists from various countries, meet to respectively share and exchange, the pleasures and knowledge of capturing the beauty and wonders of the Mediterranean Sea. All will once again dive into Malta’s clear blue waters and shoot on film – to capture not to kill – the beauty, colour and grace of the blue! The Blue Dolphin of Malta became, and still is a very important and renowned event throughout the international diving community.

The first edition of Blue Dolphin of Malta was held back in 1987, in occasion of a very special event; namely the hosting of the ‘Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques’ (CMAS) World Congress in Malta. This was the very first time for Malta (founder member in 1955) to receive such an honour. Competitors came from 42 different countries participated and the winner was Mr. John Christopher Fine, a journalist from New York. The Blue Dolphin of Malta is an excellent opportunity to discover the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the marine environment in general. The waters around the Maltese islands are famous for their clear waters, cave and wreck diving. Furthermore a Disposable Camera competition was included for the first time to attract more divers to this speciality and encourage them to discover underwater photography.

It is a well organized event in which competitors from different backgrounds and cultures could come together with one passion in common. Ideas and techniques were openly discussed and exchanged and many friends were made.

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